The vision of Prudent Excellence is to provide Canadian-Chinese with a safe, regulated, participatory, mutually winning and sustainable platform for investment in Canada. “Safety and mutual benefit” are the major characteristics of Prudent Excellence’s culture. Every investor is encouraged to participate in Prudent Excellence’s community from a variety of levels:

1. The founder team. Founders are experienced in investment management and rich in network resources and partake in a significant proportion of shares for risk binding purposes.

2. The management team. Prudent Excellence will continuously enrich and strengthen its Board of Directors, Credit Committee, Investment Committee and management and consulting teams.

3. The investors’ family. With an open attitude, Prudent Excellence will organize different events for investors to communicate with one another, broaden their networking and strive for career opportunities. In short, Prudent Excellence operates as a salon, making every participant felt at home.

4. The partners. Prudent Excellence is willing to sincerely cooperate with more of Canada’s leading real estate development and investment enterprises, professional organizations, law and accounting firms.