As a mortgage lender and administrator, we strive to create the best real estate financing experience in GTA – for borrowers, as well as for all our mortgage deal referral partners (realtors, mortgage agents & brokers, builders and developers)

We are a “Banker” constantly strengthening advantages of the ” Professionality, Efficiency, Affordable Price, Large Loan Amount, and Dedication to Closing Committed Deals”, and regularly maintaining the “Closing $1 Million Deal Tomorrow” capability.

As a banker always going after the market demand, we will continue to optimize and innovate our financing products and services, such as integrated solution of bank & non-bank mortgages, “back-up in case failure to apply for bank mortgage” and “emergency request for mortgage”, the mortgage pre-approval letter for purchase of new-construction property, guaranteed mortgage commitment, multiple loan draws, construction loans, purchase loans and so on.

Green Channel for Mortgage Agents & Brokers: We are NOT a mortgage broker. But in terms of professional support and economic incentives for mortgage agents, we strive to be better than most mortgage brokerage in many ways, such as professional training, standardized pricing, free title search service, simplified housing insurance applications, performance-based reward, the development of one-stop mortgage transaction platform, arrangements for outstanding real estate lawyers and appraisers.

Last but the most important, we NEVER “steal” any borrower clients of our mortgage deal referral partners.